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At Go Slo Inc. in Fort Ann, NY, we are an authorized  Power Commander Tuning Center we can optimize the fuel and ignition mapping for your motorcycle. We can also develop custom maps for special applications. We have the latest state-of-the-art Dynamometers and testing equipment. This includes the new Dynojet Model 250 I Load-Control Dynamometer and the Dynojet realtime Air/Fuel Ratio module. We have successfully completed the Power Commander technician training course at Dynojet Research.

We feel at Go Slo Inc that we are above our competitors when it comes to dyno tuning because of our experience, dyno tuning since 1991, and also we feel that our dyno room is  the only dyno room setup properly within a 100 mile radius. Most dyno rooms only have exhaust fans to evacuate the room creating a negative pressure resulting a syphoning effect changing the charateristics of your exhaust, also most dyno operators don't monitor the carbon monoxide level as a result the air there tuning with is contaminated. At Go Slo Inc we have exhaust fans, make up air fans, a monometer to monitor the pressure in the room, and a carbon monoxide monitor to measure the quality of the air. When choosing a dyno facility ask these question, what pressures do you tune at, what carbon monoxide level do you tune at, if they can't answer you chances are you they don't have a clue! At Go Slo Inc we tune as close to real world conditions as we can.  

We  have a complete in house machine shop & also do tig welding, we can take care any of your needs big or small.At Go Slo Inc we do complete engine & transmission rebuilds, top ends,cylinder boring, valve jobs, performance upgrades anything you can imagine.